Become a Viking like me and earn ship loads of pay-as-you-go credit!
€ 15 € 25
1.5 GB free mobile Internet* 1.5 GB free mobile Internet*
500 free SMS* 500 free SMS*
€ 0.25/min.
(up to 60 min.)
€ 0.10/min.
(up to 250 min.)
* For one whole month
Request SIM Remind me when I can become a Viking

"You don’t need to grow a beard to become a Viking."

What to expect

  • 1.5 GB of mobile Internet
  • Earn free top-ups
  • Prepaid
  • Top up at any time
  • Per second billing
  • Easy to reach

Nieuwe betaalmethode: Bitcoin

Alle Vikings kunnen vanaf 19 december opwaarderen met Bitcoin! Daarmee zijn we de eerste mobiele provider ter wereld die deze digitale munt accepteert. Hurray!

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